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10 year wedding anniversary: september 2008

So, this is the page about ME. For those that are really interested, I grew up in Southern California and I have never really left. Sure, I did the “Europe-in-a-Month” trip after High School, and I did study abroad in Spain for a semester, then after graduating from UCLA I moved to the beach...

I married my very best friend (which I highly recommend!) and we settled into our life together in the South Bay. After years in the apparel business, designing and manufacturing for major US brands, I decided to give it a crack at my own clothing line. Wow, is that overrated...let’s just say I was relieved to close that chapter of my life. It was just at that time that we found out I was pregnant with TWINS.

It is a very bizarre transition to go from working 12-hour days in a sewing factory to becoming a “stay-at-home” mother of TWO. A lot of the same chaos, but hours of “downtime” when the kids would nap and go to bed for the night. I came down with a terrible case of “cabin fever” and found myself searching the internet and exploring new career opportunities that I could do from home.

When my kids turned one, I started my first venture as the creator and co-producer of a children’s video in a series called, BABY TRAVELS. After over a year of development and production, there was still much to be done and I grossly overestimated what I could accomplish with twin two-year-olds! After two years without my income, I knew I had to figure out something QUICK, or I would have no choice but to return to the Apparel Industry (yikes!)

While on a tight budget, I began making note cards for friends, birthday gifts, new babies and hostess gifts…
My friend encouraged me to sell my designs at a “shopping party” at her home in June 2004 and the rest is history.

I want to thank my amazing family for all their love & support. My parents were both teachers on a fixed income and planned retirement, yet somehow they created THREE children with wild, entrepreneurial spirit (and no 401K...yikes!) My brother, (my “boss” in the apparel days!) is now a film producer, and my sister, (who also has twins!) designs the most incredible photo jewelry -

I know this is not an Award Show, but I do feel like this is an appropriate time to thank my husband as well. He is the most loving, generous, supportive & FUN human being I have ever known. He is a fantastic TWIN DAD and even enrolled in “Mommy & Me” when I was back at work after the babies were born. This new career of mine has me working very late nights and he takes over “tub time” each night and reads to the kids before bed so that I can put on a pot of coffee and let my creativity flow~
I am so lucky to have landed the role of “Mrs. Condren”.

Lastly, this “little business” would never have grown as it has if it wasn’t for the love, support and encouragement of my dear friends who have hosted “shopping parties”, promoted my business, and become my best customers! Thanks and love to all of know who you are.

I promise to do my best to create new designs & products that will make your life a little less serious and a lot more fun. Thanks for visiting my site…enjoy!

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